Our History

  • Maisonneuve  Lalonde Souligny Insurance Brokers started in 1938 when Mr. Laurent Maisonneuve started working for Mr. Rodolphe Landry Insurance Brokers in St-Isidore.
  • In 1953,  Mr. Laurent Maisonneuve acquired the brokerage from Mr. Landry & changed  the name to Laurent Maisonneuve Assurance.
  • In 1968,  Mr. Maisonneuve acquired a book of business from a brokerage in Rockland. His son Pierre  Maisonneuve and son-in-law Gaetan Lalonde joined the company as associates.
  • In 1984,  Gérard Souligny joined the brokerage as an associate  which led to the company name Maisonneuve Lalonde Souligny Assurance  Ltée.
  • Expansion  of the brokerage started in 1991 when the partners acquired Laurent Perrier  Insurance in Plantagenet.  At that moment, Maisonneuve Lalonde Souligny  Assurance opened its Plantagenet office.
  • In April  1992,  Paul Maisonneuve (son of Pierre Maisonneuve) joined the brokerage.
  • In  January 1995, Josée Souligny (daughter of Gérard Souligny) also joined the  brokerage.
  • In  January 1996, Maisonneuve Lalonde Souligny Assurance opened a new office in  Casselman.
  • In 1997,  Maisonneuve Lalonde Souligny Assurance acquired Rodrigue Laframboise Insurance,  in Plantagenet.
  • In June  1998, Maisonneuve Lalonde Souligny Assurance opened a new office in Alexandria.  At the  same time, Daniel Maisonneuve (son of Pierre Maisonneuve) joined the brokerage.
  • January  1st, 2000, Paul Maisonneuve, Josée Souligny & Daniel Maisonneuve bought the  brokerage from Pierre Maisonneuve, Gaetan Lalonde & Gérard Souligny.
  •  In  January 2004, they expanded the office in Casselman and moved it to Principale Street.
  • In 2005,  Maisonneuve, Lalonde, Souligny Assurance Ltée acquired Remi Prud’homme  Insurance Brokers Ltd from Alexandria  and moved the office to Main St.
  • In  January 2006, Maisonneuve, Lalonde, Souligny Assurance Ltée changed its name to  MLS Insurance Brokers Inc.
  • In April  2006, the office in St-Isidore moved to a newer, bigger location.
  • In October 2011, the office in Plantagenet merge with the St-Isidore office
  • Presently,  MLS Insurance Brokers Inc. has 3 locations and 35 employees.
  • We came back from London last Thursday night. Our daughter Anna had settled in London now and very anxious about her new school life. I want to thank you for introducing Fred to us for Anna's insurance. He was super helpful (day and night) that made me feel so easy to get things going as we travel.