Condo Insurance

The MLS Insurance Brokers team is here for you when it comes to safeguarding your investment

Regardless of whether you live on the 2nd or 42nd floor in a condo development, insurance is one investment that should be considered. As the condo boom across Eastern Ontario continues to grow and expand, more and more unique developments are springing up. Whether or not your unit or building was constructed with time over quality in mind remains to be seen, but it is generally a wise decision to invest in a comprehensive policy that will financially protect your household and investment should a mishap or emergency occur.

At MLS Insurance Brokers, we don’t want our clients to have to use our insurance policies unless if absolutely necessary. However, living in a condo should bring with it peace of mind and contentment, which we hope to enhance with our competitively priced insurance plans for condo owners. If you’re looking for the best protection for less without hassle, we can easily provide it.

Condo insurance coverage tailored to your needs

We work closely with our clients to introduce the most fitting and ideal insurance policies possible for not only greater comfort in their home, but also a heightened sense of protection and wellness in their new surroundings. We operate closely with many top-rated insurance providers to deliver the most respectful, competitive rates and policy features that benefit you even more.

Our continued success in helping homeowners since 1938 now extends to safeguarding the well-being and financial security of condo owners as well as the other members of their households. Regardless of whether you encounter a fire, burglary, damage to property or another type of mishap or accident, you can rely on us for comprehensive financial protection and prompt, appropriate compensation in the event of a claim being submitted to us. Contact us for further details, or apply for a free insurance quote today.

  • "Thanks for everything Eric. It's been a pleasure for me to deal with you for my insurance. I won't hesitate to recommend you in the future."