Tenant Insurance

Seek out MLS Insurance Brokers for comprehensive financial security and peace of mind

Many landlords provide the maximum amount of protection possible in the event of a mishap or damage to their property, but some don’t exactly place the needs of the tenants themselves in an equally high regard. In many instances, tenants are not only left to cover the cost of damage or replacement to their possessions, but they may also be held liable for the incident in the first place. An example of this is if a visitor is injured on the premises, in the tenant’s unit.

MLS Insurance Brokers believe that all tenants deserve the same rights and protection as those they pay the bills to, which is why we offer highly competitive and comprehensive tenant insurance plans to renters across Eastern Ontario. Whether you encounter vandalism, theft, fire, or another type of event that results in damage to or a loss of belongings or property, we will step in and provide sufficient financial compensation that is fair and balanced, tailored to your needs and policy.

An ideal form of financial and liability-focused protection

MLS Insurance Brokers works closely with many top-rated insurance providers to craft and deliver the most appropriate, future-facing, and ideal insurance policies and payment plans. We consult with our clients to identify problem areas and address them efficiently. Not only will you be adequately safeguarded from a financial perspective in the event of damage or loss of property, but you will also receive comprehensive liability protection for greater peace of mind.

Since 1938, we have worked with residents across Eastern Ontario to deliver the most approachable, hassle-free and ideal insurance solutions, and we haven’t forgotten about tenants along the way. We respect the need for adequate coverage no matter your living arrangement, which enables for us to provide some of the most cost-effective and broad tenant insurance packages available. Contact us for further details, or apply for a free insurance quote today.

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