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Protect Your Favourite Off-Road Vehicle With the Right Insurance

Your sport and leisure vehicles are what add a little adrenaline and adventure to your life. They also tend to be expensive purchases. So, of course, you want to make sure that your ATV is always ready to hit the road and is well protected with the right type of insurance.

Even if you’re the most cautious driver who takes all the safety precautions when you’re off-roading venturing, there are still plenty of unpredictable factors out there, such as hidden trails, varying terrain, and reckless drivers. Without ATV insurance, you could be left paying for medical expenses, liability lawsuits, and covering any damages and repairs out of pocket. And when it comes to ATV-related accidents, they tend to be very expensive, even when you’re not at fault.

Plus, not all insurance policies are equal. Your home and auto policy won’t always cover your ATV, and basic liability may not be enough protection for an avid rider. So, it’s important to find coverage that will fully protect you and all of your specific, individual needs.

Our insurance brokers can help give your prized possession the customized coverage you need — whether your ATV is being used or parked at the time.

We’ll Help Customize Your Policy to Fit Your Riding Needs

For over 80 years, MLS Insurance Brokers have been helping to safeguard our community members with insurance solutions. We are committed to finding you the best solutions at the most competitive prices. Whether you ride every day or just a few times each year, we’ll help you choose the right ATV protection for your lifestyle.

As an independent insurance broker, we represent all the top-rated insurance providers in your area to find the policy options that fit your riding needs best.

You may love to taking risks on the trails, but you should never be careless when it comes to protecting your finances and personal property. Contact us today so you can get the assurance and protection you need in the case of an accident or theft.


Do You Need ATV Insurance By Law?
In Ontario and Quebec, you are required to insure your ATV under a motor vehicle liability policy. Without insurance, you’re not allowed to ride anywhere except on your own property. Your ATV must also be registered and plated by the appropriate transportation authority, and in order to apply, you must provide proof of insurance.
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