Boat Insurance

MLS Insurance Brokers will ensure that you remain financially afloat in the event of a boat-related mishap or accident

If you love to take to the water and operate a boat, it is important to seek an insurance policy and payment plan that, like the tide, works with you rather than against you. Water is a vastly uncontrolled element, meaning that any circumstance is possible while out on a river, lake, or along the ocean’s edge. If you encounter an accident or mishap behind the wheel of a boat, the consequences can range from mild to severe both in terms of safety from a physical and financial perspective.

MLS Insurance Brokers is proud to deliver comprehensive boat insurance plans to clients who want the very best protection and absolute peace of mind both on and off the water. In the event of a waterborne accident or mishap, our clients can be assured of financial restitution that is suitable and respectful of the circumstances at hand.

Boat insurance solutions that work with your needs

We custom-tailor our boat insurance policies to address your concerns and identify areas where you desire the most protection. In the event of an injury, damage to any part of the vessel itself, and post-accident recovery, MLS Insurance Brokers stand out from the rest by providing insurance plans that serve as an ideal solution for those in need of the best coverage.

Since 1938, the MLS Insurance Brokers team has served individuals and their families across Eastern Ontario, with a profound history of assisting with boating-related insurance requests, claims and settlements. We work with our customers rather than against them to deliver future-facing solutions that respect their needs, household size, and their hobbies, including boating. In the event of a waterborne accident or mishap, you can trust in us for the most competitive pricing from bow to stern, and a plan that suits your concerns perfectly. Contact us for further details, or apply for a free insurance quote today.

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