Motorcycle Insurance

Hit the road with confidence with MLS Insurance Broker’s comprehensive policies and financial protection

Nothing is more exhilarating than taking to the streets and experiencing the absolute freedom associated with motorcycle ownership. However, with such freedom comes a greater risk of liability and lack of protection, both physically and financially. There’s no denying the threats to safety and well-being are higher behind the handlebars of a motorcycle, but even the most experienced motorcyclists need to consider their level of insurance protection. Are you comprehensively covered and able to drive with peace of mind? Or, do you wonder if you will be adequately protected from a financial and liability-focused perspective? If the latter, then it’s time to consider MLS Insurance Brokers.

About MLS Motorcycle Insurance Policies

The motorcycle insurance policies and payment plans we offer are highly competitive, formed through careful consultation with top-rated insurance providers to give you the fairest rates and the broadest coverage. This, in turn, enables for greater financial compensation in the event of damage or injury, and we will step in and deliver exactly what is owing to you. This helps insured clients with everything from repairs to post-accident recovery. While we hope you never need to use our services, it is a future-facing and proactive decision to opt for MLS motorcycle insurance.

Recognizing the Risk of Injury

It’s important to be aware of the long-term implications of suffering as a result of a motorcycle accident. Injuries can be much more severe and extreme due to the nature of the vehicle’s design itself: There is limited body protection, and riders are effectively zooming through the open air – it’s a mode of transportation where you need to seriously trust your instincts and abilities. Common motorcycle accident injuries can include serious cuts, scrapes, and broken bones, but more intensely that may elevate to long-term limb damage or paralysis, to say nothing of more unsettling circumstances.

Regardless, these injuries, no matter how great, small or debilitating, can prove costly to care for without appropriate insurance coverage. Recovery can be long and stressful in many circumstances, more so if you don’t have sufficient financial protection. Therefore, the risk of personal injury is high when riding a motorcycle, it’s true, but the risk of financial injury is just as high as a direct result.

Considering the Costs

“My husband was seriously injured when a drunk driver overtook him on the freeway. He slammed into the guardrail and whipped over it, suffering damage to his spine and neck area but lucky enough to survive says Barbara, an MLS client. “It took months of therapy and many a sleepless night to work with him towards recovery, but our policy from MLS’ prevented it all from becoming a much more stressful and costly event.”

Sufferers of a motorcycle accident go through a range of issues. First, there’s their employment status – will it be affected in the short term, or will they be without work permanently? It all depends on the nature of the accident. Secondly, what about the emotional toll? Friends and family may attempt to step in and help, but this could impact their own financial stability by missing work. Plus, relationships may become strained as a result of pent-up stress. There are many cost factors to consider, and not all of them are strictly financial.

Decades of experience

Since 1928, we’ve worked closely with motorists and motorcyclists to introduce consistently affordable, competitively broadened and ideal insurance solutions to protect them. We strive to deliver exceptional service quality, superior peace of mind, and eliminate concern over financial stability. Our team is deeply passionate about safeguarding your best interests, financial interests and personal interests all in one go with the highly competitive policy coverage you can depend on. In the event of a motorcycle accident, we’ll be there to assist with financial protection that just works.

Are you prepared for the unexpected? While enjoying freeing rides in the open air along the road on a motorcycle is thrilling, it’s important to remain proactive and considerate of how you can handle the future. If you are a client of ours and encounter hardship on the road, know that we will help you get back on your feet. If you require comprehensive motorcycle insurance coverage that meets your needs and exceeds expectations, feel free to contact us.

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