NOTE:  All definition are from the Insurance Bureau of Canada


WAIVER - The intentional relinquishment of a known right. A waiver under a policy is required to be clearly expressed and in writing.

WAIVER OF CO-INSURANCE - A fire insurance contract clause that states that co insurance does not apply unless the amount of loss exceeds a certain amount.

WAIVER OF SUBROGATION - A condition of an insurance policy which states that the coverage will not be prejudiced if the insured has waived any rights of recovery from a responsible party in writing prior to a loss.

WARRANTY - A statement by the policyholder that certain conditions of the insured risk exist or will be met. If found to be false, it provides the basis for voidance of the policy.

WATER DAMAGE CLAUSE - A portion of the policy affording coverage for certain specific causes of water damage.

WINDSTORM INSURANCE - Protection against damage done to property by unusually high winds, cyclones, tornadoes or hurricanes. This coverage is available under the extended coverage endorsement of property policy.

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