NOTE:  All definition are from the Insurance Bureau of Canada


HABITATION - Dwelling place; residence.

HAIL INSURANCE - Insurance of property against damage which occurs by hailstorm. Usually refers to growing crops but coverage is also provided under other policies such as for automobiles, buildings and their contents.

HAZARD - 1) A risk or probability that the event insured against might occur.   2) Condition which engenders or increases the chances of a loss.

HIGH-RISK AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE MARKET - Consumers with a poor driving record  (e.g., multiple driving infractions, demerit points or criminal convictions involving  driving), or no driving record at all (i.e., new drivers), may, in many cases,  be insured by insurance companies that specialize in drivers who are high risk.

HIGHWAY TRAFFIC ACT - The body or system of laws which govern the obligations of the provincial governments and users of roads. A breach or conviction of any of these laws may be an offence but does not of itself impose legal liability, but it may be relied upon in any proceeding to establish or negate any liability.

HIT AND RUN ACCIDENT - Collision between motor vehicle and/or a motor vehicle and another object and/or a motor vehicle and a pedestrian where a driver leaves the scene of the accident without identifying him/herself. This is an offence under the Highway Traffic Act.

HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE - An elective combination of coverages for the risks of owning  a home. It may include coverage for fire, burglary, vandalism, earthquake and  other perils.

HOSTILE FIRE - A fire which occurs in or escapes to a place not anticipated, e.g., a fire in a fireplace becomes uncontrollable and ignites something externally.

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