NOTE:  All definition are from the Insurance Bureau of Canada


TENANT'S POLICY - A package policy specially designed to meet the normal insurance requirements of a private tenant covering personal belongings and liabilities.

TERM - The period of time from the inception to the termination of an insurance policy or bond.

TERRORISM - An ideologically motivated unlawful act or acts, including  but not limited to the use of violence or force or threat of violence or force,  committed by or on behalf of any group(s), organization(s) or government(s) for  the purpose of influencing any government and/or instilling fear in the public  or a section of the public.

THEFT - The wrongful taking of the property of another. It is a broad term and includes larceny, pilfering, hold up, robbery and pick pocketing.

THIRD PARTY - A claimant under a liability policy, so called because he is not one of the two parties (insured and insurer) who has entered into the insurance contract which pays his claim.

TITLE - The right to ownership of property. The owner of real property having just possession of his property.

TORT - A tort is a wrongful and harmful action addressable by some  appropriate legal remedy.

TRESPASS - An illegal act against another person's rights or property.

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