NOTE:  All definition are from the Insurance Bureau of Canada


VACANT BUILDING - A building with no occupants or furnishings.

VALUATION - Appraisal estimation of the value of an  item.

VALUE POLICY - A policy which provides that a special amount shall be paid in the event of a total loss of the property.

VANDALISM AND MALICIOUS MISCHIEF - The wilful injury or destruction of property. Insured against by the extended coverage endorsement of a property insurance policy.

VEHICLE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (VIN) - Liability imposed upon a person even though not a party to a particular occurrence, e.g., the owner of a motor vehicle is vicariously responsible for injuries even though he is not driving the car at the time of the occurrence.

VOID - 1) Invalid, not legally binding. 2) An insurance contract that is prohibited by law and thus cannot be held to be a valid contract.

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