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How to Successfully Carry Out Your 2020 Resolutions

Do you set New Year’s resolutions every year but never see them through? If you’re ready to get serious this year, we’re ready to help you get there. Find out how you can stick to your plans this year and successfully carry out your 2020 resolutions!

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7 Ways to Avoid the Winter Blues

Most people get the winter blues when the cold temperatures set in and the nights get longer. But did you know that the winter blues can be brought on by other things like stress? There are a number of unforeseen situations that tend to happen in the wintertime that can bring on the winter blues and cause a lot of pain and frustration for people. To find out what these are and how to avoid getting the winter blues this season, read on.

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5 Ways to Stay Safe Over the Holidays

The holiday season is supposed to be filled with laughter and joy – not disaster and tears. But the holidays are in fact, when fires, accidents, and burglaries happen the most. To ensure you and your family have an enjoyable holiday season this year, here are 5 ways to stay safe over the holidays.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Have Commercial Insurance for Your Small Business

Whether you’re running a Fortune 500 firm or a small business from home, you need insurance to cover all the costs associated with your property and business operations. Without insurance, you could end up having to pay out-of-pocket for damages, legal claims, and unexpected risks which could jeopardize your business. Don’t take the chance, find out why you should have commercial insurance for your small business here.

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Do I Need Separate Insurance for My Snowmobile?

Do I Need Separate Insurance for My Snowmobile

Do you have the right insurance for your snowmobile? If you own a snowmobile or are considering buying one, it’s important to understand what is required by law. Beyond registering it with the Ministry of Transportation, getting your motorized snow-vehicle operator’s license, and getting a validation sticker on your registration decal, you’ll also need to insure it before driving it off your property. Find out here whether or not you need separate insurance for your snowmobile.

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  • We came back from London last Thursday night. Our daughter Anna had settled in London now and very anxious about her new school life. I want to thank you for introducing Fred to us for Anna's insurance. He was super helpful (day and night) that made me feel so easy to get things going as we travel.


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